Significance of Facebook Emoticons

An Emoticon is a graphical symbol which portrays emotions and feelings without using any word or sound. Just by seeing the Emoticon the viewer will understand what type of feeling the other person is experiencing. These symbols can be easily created and are used mostly during online chatting and messaging. They convey the expressions and eliminate the use of words thus is a convenient way of chatting to the point. Generally, every expression whether it is good or bad or happy or sad can be created using the symbols. Some people while chatting on Facebook don’t find satisfactory words to express their feelings so Facebook Emoticons is a good option for them. Mainly all networking sites provide this feature so that the users can talk freely and share their feelings with one another.

The Emoticons were first used in 19th century in a casual way for humorous writing. Its use in the internet began from September 1982, when it was first included in a message. Emoticons have expanded greatly from simple facial expression to moving images. Emoticons like guitar, piano, etc. are used to show music whereas some sound can also be received with Emoticons. They can be used to depict various types of mood and gestures. Symbols like dot, hyphen, equal to, greater than, less than, curly brackets, zero digit, dollar, hash, asterisk, plus, underscore, pipe, etc can be used to create an Emoticon. Some fonts and color can also be adjusted to give a better look and make it more meaningful.

Some Emoticons and their meanings are given as follows:

* Happy :-)

* Truly happy :-D

* Happy eyes ^_^

* Wink ;-D

* Grumpy > :-(

* Laughing eyes >:o

* Cat smiles :3

* Sad :-(

* Shocked :-0

To know more about how to create and use Emoticons the users can visit an URL where they will find number of different types of still, moving as well as musical Emoticons. In order to create Facebook Emoticons, one should have a good knowledge of shortcut key codes of Emoticons. There are many advantages of using these emoticons one of which is that they depict emotions themselves and need no further explanation. Communication between people on Facebook becomes fast and easy as inbuilt emoticons can also be used. People can quickly understand their meanings as they are clearly recognizable by one and all. These emoticons add life to a conversation and make people happy when they are in a bad mood.

They are very cute and their meaning brings a smile on the reader’s face. These emoticons express the exact feeling of the sender no matter if both the sender and the receiver speak different languages. Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking website and as a result hundreds of people communicate with each other through this site. During a written communication it is difficult to show the feeling to one another so these Facebook Emoticons are a great help there.

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