Sharing Photos on Facebook Emoticons

Would you believe that Facebook Emoticons is the largest photo-sharing site on the
Web? It’s true. It surpasses popular sites like Photobucket and Flickr,
among others. Facebook Emoticons users upload millions of photos each month.
Why? Because it’s easy, a fun way to share stuff about yourself, a perfect
way to connect with others, and a great marketing tool, just to list a few
reasons. It might also help that Facebook Emoticons lets you post gobs of photos. As
of 2009, users have uploaded over 10 billion photos on the social networking
site. That’s a lot of pictures.
Photos you add to Facebook Emoticons are organized into photo albums, just like
you’d do with actual photographs at home. An album can hold one photo
or up to 200. You can also create as many albums as you like. You might
make an album of vacation pictures, artistic images, snapshots of your
friends and family, and so on. When you post photos, you can add captions
and tag people in the photos, and other users can add comments to
your photos.
All your photo activities on Facebook Emoticons are handled through a built-in
application called, appropriately, Photos. The application, which is part of
the default apps available when you start your Facebook Emoticons account, offers
tools for uploading photos, organizing photos, and sharing photos.

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