Fake facebook emoticons conversations

Fake facebook emoticons conversations
Presenting you an application that will spice up your Facebook Emoticons and internet experience an abundance of laughter. Now you can create a fake Facebook Emoticons conversation with humorous messages in a quick and easy way.
Regardless of whether you have cool friends on Facebook Emoticons that you laugh for hours or not, now at your keyboard you do it yourself entertainment center that will entertain you and your friends.

All you have to do is to enter a fictional names and sentences, as in case of default. After that click and create your new Facebook Emoticons conversation is here. Share the link with or submit to Paint with the “magic” Print sreen button for further use of the internet …

For inspiration, here are a few examples of funny, supposedly real, Facebook Emoticons conversation:

Fake facebook emoticons conversations

Fake facebook emoticons conversations

You are limited only by your imagination. Good fun you want!

Facebook Emoticons

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