Facebook Emoticons my love

Facebook Emoticons is my great love, I am very fond of these emoticons. I use them almost every day, well, more precisely, I use them every day and really love them. A big heart I opened the Facebook Emoticons, if anyone is interested, let me send a message to your cell phone or email, and will convince yourself.

Facebook Emoticons are for me everything in the world and I like them very volil, even me, know my friends sometimes look wrong, but I love that you can not describe. I am very excited when I use Facebook Emoticons.

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25 comments on “Facebook Emoticons my love
  1. pong says:

    masaya lng

  2. bhaby says:

    haha.. i love you bhaby..

  3. bhaby says:

    ♥BHabY BHOi kO♥
    (●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃)
    /█\ ♥/█\ i knOw ouR RELATioNSHiP wiLL bE foREVer anD ALWAYs….

    BAStA,. aLL i waNT You tO KNOw iS THaT————>
    ♥ i LHaB YOu ♥

  4. PAUL DARIO says:


  5. citra ervika says:

    i like u

  6. jeffrey says:


  7. marlah says:

    like this coz i will use this if my fwen have a brokenheart so that i cn use it ………. coz my fwen have a problem love

  8. pamela says:

    i like emoticons

  9. ANDREW says:

    HI …………………

  10. poop fur brains says:


  11. chArmAinE_+ says:

    ,hhmmmmmff !!!

  12. adelyn_ says:

    have gotten older and you can say wiser I’ve seen so many things like neva
    before My world is changing so fast The past, present, and here comes the future
    My motto: Take care of life or else,
    It’ll take care of you!
    hope you love it.. or else i will love you as how you love yourself… hhhehheheheh

  13. madel says:

    .,like it

  14. harold says:

    ….. ·.¸.·´
    .. (
    / \ …..

    (●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃)
    /█\ ♥/█\

  15. izie hartina says:


  16. izie hartina says:

    i like u

  17. rekine says:

    looking for love..

  18. nur afiqah says:

    ……?????? ok