Facebook Emoticons Events Overview

Events are another amazing social aspect of using Facebook Emoticons. You can
quickly get the word out among your friends and interested others about
upcoming events, whether it’s a party, a concert, a trip, or any other kind
of social gathering. For example, if you’re organizing a rally of some sort,
you can turn it into a Facebook Emoticons event to let everyone know about it and
invite people to attend and spread the word, thus increasing your chances
of a good crowd. In another example, a friend of a friend might be having
a backyard barbecue, and you don’t know whether you want to go or not.
You can check the attendees list to see if anyone else you know is going.
Facebook Emoticons events are perfect for sending out informal invitations and planning
out your social itinerary.
You can use Facebook’s Emoticons Events application to advertise an event, track
attendees, view birthdays, and find other events. The application is one of
several default applications already loaded into your Facebook Emoticons account.
You can use the application to search for events in your area, or create
new events yourself. The Events application acts as your personal secretary
when it comes to your social calendar.
Facebook Emoticons

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