Facebook Emoticons defends virtual suicide

Tired is the presence in the online world? Feel that you have your virtual friends found too personal things? Page Web 2.0 suicide machine lets you easily make the suicide of his online profile, no more and no one on Facebook Emoticons
Web service at suicidemachine.org allows its visitors simply the execution of suicide that is, log online account with some social network. Supported services with which you simply delete the site LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook Emoticons.

However, starting the new owners of suicide noted that service users in this way wish to delete your virtual profile on Facebook Emoticons the more they can do.

Internet giant Facebook Emoticons is obviously not liked by the services mentioned site offers and decided to block all traffic from the site suicidemachine.org.

However, if you want to delete your profile on Facebook Emoticons, it can still do something more complicated route through the official website of the service.
Facebook Emoticons

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