facebook chat emotions

Want to add some spice to your new Facebook chat conversations? Here are the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) smiles/emoticons/emotes that you can use in your Facebook chats! Just type whats under the picture and itll pop up in your chat! Download: www.addaxsoft.com

This post is about: facebook snowman emoticon

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25 comments on “facebook chat emotions
  1. bluegreencolor says:

    anyone know how to make a snowman>?

  2. SuperJason2884 says:

    head phones d’-‘b

  3. ultamatesonic4 says:

    i heard there gonna make new ones soon
    think if we had a lava lamp or
    a quagmire head emotican that would be funy

  4. Tyaster says:

    Robot :|]
    Weir guys head :putnam:
    Penguin <(")
    Pacman :v
    Heart <3

  5. jameDmeLody2998 says:

    the man is this :putnam:

  6. GeorgexFTWx says:

    shark is (^^^)

  7. ZuCo91SrBiJa says:

    try this won (^^^) that is shark ;) and if u put word like this * bla bla * u have bolt letters :D

  8. nayRarsI says:

    watch this video how to install facebook chat emoticons bar for firefox using greasemonkey add-on. no need to install 3rd party software.
    search on youtube: Install Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar for Firefox

  9. ericiscool23 says:

    how do you do the cupcake

  10. duderuledude says:

    penguin <(")

  11. Sneaky3lite says:

  12. fiddleflower says:

    *if you put a star you write in bold print*

  13. christyxautumn says:

    ha ok thanks! :)

  14. dejasian says:

    the robot is :|]

  15. christyxautumn says:

    what about the robot?

  16. Dizzieze says:

    how about the shark one?

  17. doggynolikey says:

    my fav is the robot

  18. aiwomew2 says:

    (^^^) is the shark one!

  19. bjbscooter says:

    you dont have the shark

  20. skater049 says:

    how do u do it

  21. barakatm22 says:

    very nice :)

  22. manyapw says:

    how do i add this?

  23. :|] :) :( :P :O :D :putnam: ^_^ -_- 3:) O.o

  24. hailee says:

    how do you make a cupcake….? please

  25. oiji says:

    how do you make a snowman