Facebook Chat Emoticon Helper

Biggest drawback of Facebook chat is the lack of list of emoticons so we have to guess or remember all emoticon codes we want to use. But with our little Facebook Emoticon Helper you can put list of Facebook emoticons right on your profile page so you can easier use smileys in chat.

Facebook Chat Emoticon Helper

To put Helper to your profile page you first need to install My Stuff Facebook Application. Then go to application page and paste this code into the box under the Add code:

<b><a href="http://www.facebookemoticons.org/">Facebook Emoticons</a></b><br><br><a href="http://www.facebookemoticons.org/facebook-chat-emoticon-helper"><img src="http://facebookemoticons.org/files/fe2.gif" alt="Click to add this to your profile" title="Click to add this to your profile" /></a>

Now you only need to click the Add to profile button to show Facebook Chat Emoticon Helper on your profile page.

And here is the end result:

Facebook Chat Emoticon Helper

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