Facebokemoticons.com and Facebook Emoticons

That’s when Facebook chat was introduced. It had always been the intention of the biggest social network in the world to constantly keep innovating and evolving, to stay ahead of the curve. When they introduced their chat function many people thought that they had made a mistake – the beta process was a little slow and had errors – the javascript sometimes made the pages disappear or act strangely, but after ironing out all of these issues, it turned out that they had struck gold. Facebook chat was one of the most popular clients on the internet, and its fans were wild for its clean cut style and cool colours.

One thing seemed to be missing however – Facebook chat emoticons! Where were the colouful smileys and symbols that were in nearly every other chat client available on the web? Text emotions were ok to use for some people, but generally speaking it was unheard of for an organization to create software like Facebook chat and not include Facebook chat emoticons listed for people to find. So where were they? The answer was that they were hidden in the software itself! After hours of testing, users managed to find a full list of the icons available for use in the chat program, and many were surprised by the different types and styles.

We will provide more exact information about which emoticons for Facebook chat are available in a later post, but for now just know this – they are some of the coolest and most fun symbols around! You can find some standard ones such as a love heart, smiley face, angel and devil – but also some strange emoticons or rare ones like a robot emoticon or a shark smiley! There is even a penguin! Keep reading for much more information about Facebook chat emoticons and how to use them!

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