emoticons for facebook chat – http://www.facebook.com/facemoods

new, an application that adds emoticons and smileys for facebook chat, check out how to get really cool emoticons for facebook chat

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10 comments on “emoticons for facebook chat – http://www.facebook.com/facemoods
  1. Facemoods says:

    They sould have facemoods to see all facemoods content emoticons

  2. thericker27 says:

    i downloaded it and it work but the people i’m send it to don’t see the faces all they see are the codes..what do i need to do to correct this problem..

  3. godofcodglitches2121 says:

    ok can u hlp me i downloaded it restarted my computer and when i chat nothin there like a smile faces

  4. Facemoods says:

    hey Alex

    did you close all browser windows after install? if not try it :-)

    also, what browser are you using?

    thx, facemoods

  5. alexroksateverything says:

    didnt work for me

  6. Facemoods says:

    763 kb, very small :-)
    it is really really cool

  7. XXXGurlRockerXXX says:

    cool.. i wish my sis will say yes if we can download this.. how many KB is it?

  8. maritza says:

    mandame mis emoticons for facebook chat

  9. BouchaĆ¢la Yahya says:


  10. armando says:

    quiero tener todas las caritas de facemoods