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CS portable 2 is here!

We played CriticalStrikePortable 2 multiplayer mode game. CS 2 has as many as 20 000 gamers playing at the same time. The excitement is great. You can choose the maps much like in Counter Strike. Awesome stuff in this second

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Facebook Robot Emoticon – how to make a Robot Smiley?

To draw a robot in Facebook chat type this: :|]   You’ll get this:   This post is about: robot emoticon, Robot emoticon facebook

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I’m opening my Facebook profile every day

I do not need cell phone since I use facebook. There are all my friends, some are always online, some less, but generally most of them using facebook on mobil phones. If I send them a message it is very

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Money in the refrigerator fail

This man must have been very clever.

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Ramos and Felix gif funny

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How to make upside down text on facebook (ʞooqǝɔɐɟ)

Want to put the text upside down in the status or something like that? Go on this page Type text that you want and then press “Flip Texts” and you will get a written text upside down.  

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Get rid of the annoying calls for various events

If bother you constant calls for various events that sends a persons or groups, you need to go to the menu Account -> Application Settings, after that it will open a list of applications. On that list found “Events” application,

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Tags in videos and pictures

If one of your friends put on Facebook video or picture which is private, and you would be happy that someone of your friends, who has no access to a particular picture or video can see this conten, you need

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How to make a facebook quiz

Want to make a quiz on facebook for fun or just that your friends be jealous? Program LOLapps allows it. Link:

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